About us

Let’s break all the rules about growing older

Hi! We are tam Weber and   kym Hibbard.

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Tam is a Master Coach and Masters Prepared Registered Nurse.
Kym is a Master Coach and has a Bachelors in Nursing.

women in our 60s

As women in our 60’s…

We understand what it’s like to experience society’s stereotypes, myths, and expectations about how we SHOULD get older. They tell us when to stop working, how we should look, act, and feel, to stop being physically and sexually active, and that we are second-rate citizens growing less capable every day.

And we don’t like it!!

We know many other women who don’t like it either and want to redefine the next phase of life.

We have found an alternative approach to growing older, by living “agefully.”

Together, we run a successful health-care business, have strong self-care practices, are spiritual seekers and enthusiastic travelers. The sum of our experiences and what we’ve learned from them are rich and deep and invaluable. We are creating our own fresh paradigm of aging.

Our desire is to share our approach with other women who are struggling with the stereotypes of growing older. We are the ones to help because we are literally living it every day.

found an alternative approach

Are you ready to join us and discover

how to live the next phase of your life by YOUR own rules?

Ditch society’s old rules, embrace your awesome self at the age you are, and work with us to create your own fresh paradigm.